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evenig dresses

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Evening Dresses

Even though we do t have a ready made selection of evening dresses we can custom design your dress. In just a few fittings and advice on what will suit you best you will be able to envision and see your dress created. 

made to measure evenng dress

Mother of the bride

At Michal Taylor we offer a package not only for the bride's dress but also the mother of the bride. 
We can discuss fabric choices and silhouettes, what will suit you the best and how you envisioned the dress is just as important. Come and experience custom design one of a kind experience. 

Girl with Blue Tunic


If you need to be in a particular colour or not here at Michal Taylor we offer a package for the bridal party. Come and discuss what exactly you are looking for and with some advice on shapes and fabric you will see a dress created in no time and hassle-free.

mother ofthe bride
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