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5 things every bride should bring to wedding dress shopping

Ideas The first thing any designer will ask you is what kind of style your going for.silhouette? Lace? fabric? Even if you only have one style in mind that's ok. By doing a little homework you'll have a much better experience when it comes to actually trying on gowns.

A positive attitude The best thing to bring to an appointment is positivity and perspective. You might fall in love with a dress that doesn't look like anything on your pinterest board. Just go with it!! You might have to try on the dress a few times before you say “this is the one” don't get frustrated -its ok to be picky! If you fall in love with a dress don't go to more than 3 places to compare it can get very overwhelming and confusing.

The right undergarments Where nude undergarments and bonus points if you wear your best bra to get the best fit possible at the fittings

A supportive ,honest entourage Bring people you trust and are able to tell you the truth, and that knows you so well that you won't regret their opinions later . you will look great in many dresses it's what makes you stand out and special that makes the difference.

getting along and trusting your designer Who ever you decide to go for, make sure you feel comfortable and easy with the designer. You may fall in love with a dress but if you don't feel good with the designer you will not be happy with the end result. You need to be able to tell the designer that your not sure about this and that and be able to discuss changes and not feel overwhelmed


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